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My Studies

Having been born in Prague and living in its historical center, I have always been surrounded and intrigued by art and craftmanship. My studies were therefore naturally revolving around these. I started studying photography which I soon changed as I preferred to focus on creating things physically rather than using computers. I then moved my attention to design and jewelry which I first studied in Plzeň at the University of West Bohemia. From there I went to the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague under the direction of Eva Eisler in her studio K.O.V. (Concept, Object, Meaning).

Before obtaining my Master’s degree there, I had a chance to spend a year in Jerusalem, studying at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in the Jewelry and Fashion Design Studio.

My Philosophy

I am interested in creating objects as well as contemporary jewelry. Out of admiration and respect of traditional craftsmanship I solely work with traditional materials and use traditional technologies. I see my work as a meditation and constant search for catharsis. Most of my projects are time consuming and emotionally demanding. In my work, I never use computers, creating exclusively by hand, something which plays an important role in the meditative process of seeking an inner calm.

My primary field of interest is an individual's search for refuge from

the threatening aspects of modern social life, a safe place for a disoriented individual in our demanding times. I am also deeply interested in various aspects of modern social life. I search for things that are ageless and do not fade over the passage of time. I'm trying to capture a bit of harmony in today's stressful and unstable world.

Moving between objects and jewelry, scale is never too important for me, I see both jewels and sizable objects as equally suitable mediums for my artistic expression.

Recent Exhibitions:

ArtPrague. Prague 2017

Junge Kunst aus der Tschechischen Republik. Bremen, Gremany 2017

Galley Millennium. Prague 2017

ArtPrague. Prague 2016

Designblok | Prague Design. Prague 2016

Schmuck 2015 + Ateliér K.O.V. Prague 2015

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